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Man calls 999 to ask police to collect a takeaway pizza

February 2, 2012 by Michelle  
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Essex police have singled out a number of time wasting calls received at their information handling room in Chelmsford to highlight the problem of nuisance calls, with one caller contacting emergency services to ask police to collect a takeaway pizza and deliver it to his house.

The police authority want to impress upon the public that 999 should only be called in the event of an emergency, with an emergency situation being defined as a one in which a crime or serious incident is in progress, or when there is a serious threat of injury or damage to persons or property. However the authorities have found that many callers have chosen to call emergency services because their mobile has run out or credit, or to ask for directions.

Worryingly, the police in Essex are increasingly receiving calls to 999 handlers which waste police time and could potentially prevent the emergency services from dealing with a genuine incident.

One of the more ridiculous requests received by the emergency handlers was from an intoxicated man who called 999 to ask if the police would collect a takeaway pizza from a nearby restaurant and bring it to his house as he was too drunk to drive himself.

In another nuisance phone call to the emergency services in Essex, a caller dialled 999 to report seeing a chef drop a burger on the floor of a takeaway restaurant, only to pick it up again and serve it to a customer, while a female caller rang the emergency number to ask police to remove a spider from her house.

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