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should be used as an assisting factor, presupposing that the
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1904 annual meeting. The largest gains have been in Milwaukee ll, Dane
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however, in amount, to those in some other English counties.
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cocci or streptococci in 10; in 13 cases of pulmonary tu-
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he can fall back on the bacteriologist ; in the tropics,
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ambulances were provided for all who should require them.
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chest cavity with a hot solution of boracic acid, in-
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Hospital of disease of the kidneys, of one of the ureters, and of the bladder,
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temporarily more marked than usual. This may be the result of the
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Exostosen. Deutscbe mil.-iirztl. Ztscbr., Berl., 1882, xi,
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usually carried out by women in the family, who, in their haste to leave
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will affect the brain and exert a most powerful influence on the intellect. The
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who can pay the license-tax for the privilege of prac-
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show which side is affected. But tumours of the cerebellum often attain a
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colic pains were mentioned, nor was there any pyrexia
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or twelve days ; if not diarrhoea, relaxed bowels, and at
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new conditions can be considered after the m,anuscript has been put
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3. The length of time the temperature took to fall to its
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the same word. Life could not lie painted, but it might
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for days and even weeks until some unusual draught of water or other
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i;rown, Pcarcc, an.l Withcrbcc: E.xperinunlal syphilis in liu- rabbit. VI.)
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fully exposed, and also under the necessity of healing.
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intestinal ptomaines, and while I am unable to specify a
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evening and night duty required of all staff members.
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Catarrhal Indigestion. — Where the secretions of the
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On Poisoning with various Vegetable Substances, especially
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suffice to keep up the tone of the nervous system. Gentle
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London in 1881. They contain the ripened thoughts of a life-
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*Since writing the foregoing paper, in fact since the
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guarded by a valve-like arrangement which prevents the food from
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the operation, and that some attention must be paid to the parts
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fauces with ; and if a little of it were swallowed,
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om the chronic have already been referred to. It seems to me suffi-