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upon them than could have been taken into their stomachs. This leads Dr.
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rection of the House of Delegates at the meeting in
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Reprints, along with a Clinical Center pamphlet on the Normal Volunteer pro-
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David's Island, N. Y., is so amended as to substitute the
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purposes, and for different classes of occurrences and conceptions
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The treatment of aortic aneurysm miut ever be a subject of great
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mental exhilaration, hut a result ensued for wliich I was en-
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different sources. Dr. Ernst gave in detail the essen-
2 Members, representing the employees, from nominations
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and not onfrequently attended with rigors. Its'severity is doubtless due
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paralysis of some nervous centre, without the occurrence of
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beautiful cosmetic result attained ; where the avoidance
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can be distinguished from them only with difficulty, are some-
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is markedly diminished, the nitrogen percentage is generally high (even
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the operation of appendectomy for symptoms believed to be due to
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important also in a therapeutic connection. Above all, they indicate
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pouring a large quantity of crystallisable acetic acid upon a concentrated
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orable in their dealings, the writing of articles for drug com-
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her mind, for her will, published a month ago, dealt with a
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internal use of arsenic and the keratoid and the epithelio^
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cases of oi'dinary chorea in which the spasmodic movements are so sudden
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and tendons at length reach such a stage of development that the
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Punjab. In its periodical visits to these districts, it observes an
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in some of the cases detailed,) after a labour of no unusual