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the pulse is hard and fast, and the breathing is quickened; the

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3. Laxative Tonic Drinks. Linseed oil 1 pint, powdered

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the Medical Society of Virginia’s Task Force on the

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China and Japan, such fish are taken for suicidal purposes. The fugu

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to die if I couldn't give him something to relieve him.'

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appear. As the patient would not carry out instructions, he

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are due to a gouty (Harrison Allen) or lithaemic (Hin-

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or with a saturated solution of boric acid, which in

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carbohydrate foods, such as sugars, green vegetables, and others that

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flag of nature, — the old Hippocratic <j>i)<ns —

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G.) Some aspects of enteroptosis. Buffalo M. . J.. 1896-7.

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Duration, Croup will often run its course and prove fatal in

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a lecture he would speak with fervour on the dignity of medicine,

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character we find this condition presented (I quote from Watson'' s Practice,

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under our observation his blood contained an abundance of bile salts

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at once. The epidemic reaches its height in eight days, and then decreases.

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slowly produces the death of the bone which it infiltrates, and

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tous growths, but I have a record of two cases in which