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39. Mortimer JA, Graves AB: Education and other socioeconomic
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thigh. The flap was sutured in position with fine silk.
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in such an unintelligent way. Our charity is organized.
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and were not suggestive of abscess, while no evidence of suppura-
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1898, 185-193, 1 pi. — Jacoby ( C. ) Das Spbacelotoxin
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the object of furnishing such treatment, as far as possible,
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and limbs with some hypotonia and slight asynergia. Manner of rising
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circumstances to the patient and the patient's friends should be made.
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words, which are : — " I confess that I know no theory capable
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trated local anesthetics, given epidurally, if indicated.
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contra-indicated by feebleness or a tendency to depression. Aconite is an
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cough is less distressing, and the strength and appetite are increased.
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quicker. In the first place, if the |)atient is willing,