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virulent before the medulla. Lastly, if the nerve is excised below the inoculated

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macular neighbourhood is surrounded by a circle of white, irregular in breadth

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provement was observed in cases of dry pleurisy, [d.l.e ]

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ion, flaw, dent, etc., in or near the axis of vision, pro-

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of the problem entrusted to its care, early reached the

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The award, presented by the Missouri State Medical Association and the American Medical Association, is given

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earths are the most characteristic; and they are also the most easily

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clinics ; clinics of women's and children's diseases.

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at one time to terminate the life of the patient. The trouble was that

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although the bladder is full, they cannot make water. The daily

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from them, or unless, in the further course of the case, the rudioK»

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intellect that was familiar to him, solely to admire his newly

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picture of the institution which he proposed to establish,

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articles which, although they may be creditable to their authors, are

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stream in the capillaries and the deficient oxygenation which results there-

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monia, including among^ them empyema, abscess, endocarditis and pericarditisy

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various dispensaries, and prepare a full report upon the same.

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The procedure is that practised by the hydropathists and called by them

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either bactericidal or bacteriological, and of greater value in immunization

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present ; no amoeba? or cysts seen. Many Charcot's crystals. August 31 : Stool

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the son to be a scientific man and the daughter to be a good house-

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the ranks of the profession, while another, his " Lectures on

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able to cure tlie malignancy and to have it remain cured.

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ently no bad resulis remaining. Only 4 other similar cases

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Diagnosis, Therapy and Materia Medica of Intestinal Diseases,