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deaths have diminished from 50 to 60 per cent, to ]i per cent. These

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the old edition of Pereira, completed by R«es and Taylor,

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through which the light passes. A system of jointed arms

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Thrombi are also characterized by consistency and relative absence of

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number of these cases, but they have all, after a vari-

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his home in the distance. It suggests to him that he

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racter of the patches referred to, has, in a more recent work, recognized them

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it does occur it is usually due to one of the following causes : (1) Faulty

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good plan to wait an hour or two before beginning another series.

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several were by no means strong men, and most of them had been inured to

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state of suffering is kept up. The bladder, in time, becomes more

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jerk, and defective when it is absent. That arthropathies are

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which have been arranged by some writers among the eruptive fevers

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nished me by Messrs. Codman and ShurtleflT, was employed as an

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818 et seq. — 3. Neuberger. " Akrokeratoma hereditarinm," Monatshefte f. prakt.

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to see if we could offer a choice to people who were

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the explanation of the sneezing which has been observed during the per-

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and excesses of all kinds have an undoubted influence.

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feet deep and three feet in diameter, at the bottom of which a consider-

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able cases the pulse-tension increases very shortly after the crisis

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branches of municipal accounts, reports, and statis-

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under increased mental exertion, grains, 66.15; under diminished mental activity,

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His descendants number two sons, who are themseh • ■

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Allport (F.) The eyes and ears of employees of trans-

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time after all other symptoms of disease had passed away. Occasionally

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isms were clear in appearance. On the seventh day very numerous rosettes,

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pletely paralyzed. The patient further called attention

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horn, in the circulation of the acardiac foetus, in the female sexual organs

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Emergencies in the Newborn, Community Organization for Obstetric Service for Military

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treatment if they are to have any chance in life. The results

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capped by their environments, totally unable to insist on surgical