If you were to arrange diseases in one column, beginning at the most local, and for ending at the most general, you would find them passing insensibly into each other, without any marked separation.

From the location of the intestinal and mesenteric wounds, the bullet must have passed transversely through the abdomen, with a slightly upward and backward direction, and buried itself in the muscles of the back on the opposite dose side. The animal, under the treatment of hydrochlorothiazide M. The lUtle effects girl was apparently more easy.


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No one seems to have known better than he did the danger of reasoning from physiology sirve into practical surgery. PUEUC attention has diabetes been again called to a distressing failure in a well meant attempt to rear infants apart from their mothers in an institution.

The illustrations are numerous and para well executed. It is announced that the Central Committee of the American National Red Cross will receive and forward, at its own expense, the plans, models, etc., of competitors, provided they meet use the approval of a sub-committee, which will be appointed to pass upon them. This greatly mg relieved the hemiplegia.

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