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Read another paper on the alterations of the bile, in continuation of the subject discussed symptoms in the preceding memoir. But the post-mortem examination revealed no tubercles does anywhere. They are thus united back to back, but not exactly parallel; there being a slight inclination dosage to the right side of one and to the left side of the other. Beatson will probably remain in 20 charge of the Civi' Medical Department until the tenure of his office expires in November ZYMOTIC DISEASES IN ENGLISH TOWNS. In their tablet earlier stages, tincture of iodine frequently atlbrds a cure. This seems to prove the unwisdom of using "yahoo" blind mares for breeding purposes. This is in exact analogy also with dropsical effusion into the other cavities of the body, and which, in most cases, can be traced to inflammation of the serous membranes as their immediate cause: enalapril.

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