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the most scientific investigators- of this day. The alimetary tract
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Natural Science should be admitted among the ordinary
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brightened by a cheerful and kindly disposition. As a practitioner
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ever, of an abundant character. He had to drive five miles to seethe
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measure voluntary ; they are directed by a delirious volition, in this respect
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Specimen No. 4836 y/'owi the Museum of Giufs Hospital}
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important; product labeling should be reviewed to minimize possible adverse effects
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so often urged upon the notice of the medical profession,
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pain and to prevent the development of cystitis and the formation of bed-
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of gleet, in the Albany Medical Annals^ Dr. O. D. Ball
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in typhus or pneumonia; that febrile rigor denotes a more rapid heat-
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Sproul JM: Spherical pneumonia due to Hemophilus influenzae. Am Rev Respir
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This microbe is essentially polymorphous ; its dimen-
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pend usually upon two conditions, namely, the state of
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Tne October-December number of The uterus b -^ hy8t< r rectomy . It is % nch
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which interferes with the posterior longitudinal fasic-
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mit without killing the child, that it causes disease of the bones.
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but strongly indicated. Milk, eggs, strong animal broths,
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fact by the wrong handle, as it were, or losing sight of
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munizing value of the blood-serum of an animal arti-
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cannot trust your fever patient to masticate it sufficiently to render
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had in his own industry, and by the entire absence of resentment
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ported in cases of temporary hysterical amblyopia, and hemi-
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of our assertions, had it been consistent with the object of a
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On the other hand, we now know pretty positively that most
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degree of discipline scarcely to be expected. As a means of affording
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cannula. The cavity will not require washing unless the
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than nine well-paid clinical chairs — four of clinical Medicine,
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of the medical work in Germany, to consider briefly the
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the dangers of epidemic diseases the most dreaded in history.
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oftener indicated than any other one remedy, and oftener found
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by salts of calcium, hence Boas' test depends simply on the action of small quanti-
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the meat of diseased animals.^ In America a few instances only of trans-
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their well known reputation by their purity and efficacy. The stimulating and