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and are precipitated by adding a few drops of liquor ammonise
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In the second week recovery continued, and at its end the
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I wish to insert here a report by Unna * of the tissue changes
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week later fluid was detected in the peritoneal cavity, and the patient
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The condition of the sense of taste varies greatly in individual cases, so
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were elected to places on the resident staff of Maryland General
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It sometimes happened that the ward physician in immediate charge of
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[le Microbe in Medicine, William T. Belfleld, M. D.,
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and an attempt is made to dress the wound. It consists
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adopt a uniform system of inspection and quarantine at
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curred, and possibly will occur, I suppose, where the dilating
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of the sternum. But even in these regions, under physiologic condi-
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Lffimed and the damages were increased. Of this case it may be fairly
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these circumstances must be taken into consideration, before we proceed
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December 22d, 9 A. M. — The patient passed a quiet night; coun-
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Dose : 1(> to 24 grains three or four times a day.
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taking such second course in whole or in part be again found pro-
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wards, when at wash, be actually boiled in the washing water.
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face is at rest; 10, contracture in the lower half of the face increased by gently closing the eyes,
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readUy returned on the application of the hand ; vomiting,
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they relieve night sweats, increase the appetite, soothe nervous
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of the motor system, and not include that of the consciousness.
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pure and simple, but may strongly suggest a medullary
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This is a contagious disease caused by exposure to disease germs.
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and be lost. It may be made to separate a little sooner by gently solicit-
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side till it rests on one of the shoulders or the thorax, causing a flatten-
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January, 1913. It gives accurate results and requires only 15 to
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[fa disagreeable awakening of the patient occurred during an operation,
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3 Field and Teague, Journal of Exper. Med.. 1907, viii, 86.
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certain functional disturbances, never a fatal effect.
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as a distinctive tissue there seems no question. I cannot, however, agree