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induced by suddenly bringing such a surface in contact with the oppo-
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and willing, and did he, in fact, trust to such gratuity ": The
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in 3 cases no improvement ; in 5 cases improvement but not
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scraped out a number of pieces and at other times very
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heartening, and I had seen the beginning of an interesting,
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1955. Daucherty, J. Arthur, 1511 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa.
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a large Spanish chestnut. 3d. That the process of menstruation was at
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were then employed, and rapidly beneficial results have followed their use.
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Kraske, or even to remove it entire transversely on the line of the third
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the use of doses Mdiich are ajaparently very considerable.
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of man through the agency of the combined efforts of the whole
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ill-fed, cachectic subject, whose case gave very little hopes of a
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The Peesidext asked whether Mr. Lee meant to say that h*
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and greater curvature. We have in this condition an excessive
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in another paper.* I assisted at the autopsy of this case in the post-
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ture probably occurred two hours before admission. Fe-
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the trachea in some instances. The process seemed to
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severe cerebral disturbance. In adults there is sometimes marked som-
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Association was held at The Hollenden on Thursday, September 6th. 1906,
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all the pamphlets and other excellent things that pour in upon a periodical
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of these latter being sweating. But this seems to be in no
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tion in producing disease. The non-cognizable causes, on the
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but there is one on which I would venture to offer a few
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and patient : for if it were not. there would \>.- less
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"Twin-Bulb," one minute. Aluminum or Hard Rubber Case. Each $L25
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heavy-weighf sensation of the paralysed part. The leg often feels
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history of a case which came under his observation last
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capital melange, for a knowledge of which I am indebted to
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American Academy of Family Practice, which was the first
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as ^sculapius was among the Greeks, and is said to have brought the
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by Gmelin comprehends at leaft J 7,000 fpecies. In tlie clafs
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Juice. — .Mayer discusses the theoretical considerations
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rerjuired all tlie force Mr. Holt could make use of, even with a towel placed
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attributed to this cause, but I think the circulation being modified or cut
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especially of late, generally disallowed; but it is still
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plications for assistance are incessant, more than 200
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about the time of the children's sickness. One of these, which used to
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lessen suffering and add to the sum total of It would seem that due consideration of