Lexapro Migraine

are essentially the same as in cases of gastric hemorrhage. Rest in the

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rests the decay of lungr tissue, diminishes the fever, lessens the cough,

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These attacks, no doubt, were the cause of that valvular derange-

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The treatment in the second stage has reference to the promotion of re-

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purative inflammation. But, probabl}^, in some, if not in most, cases,

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when present, is dull, not sharp or lancinating like the pain in pericarditis

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and the termination. In an essay written since the publication of the last

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ance of accessor}' causes which lead to the development of the disease by

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and that the affection under consideration may be thus produced without

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every four hours, the dose being graduated to the age. Dissolved in some

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The increase of urea denotes an abnormal secondary or destructive assimi-

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HAYI^S'G considered the inflammatory affections of the mucous mem-

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and Experimental Physiology, Minor Surgery, Bandaging,

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mortality alone, the disproportion is much less. Thus, we have

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involving obstruction at the mitral orifice. These lesions lead to bron-

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opinions unsustained by the observations of others, I cite two

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tion of the abdomen. These symptoms continue during the course of the

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gradual increase of the power of the heart's action. The pulse is small

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suppuration takes place in the liver in consequence either of phlebitis

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results from Lapactic Pills not of our make (and we have received a large number of such

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this treatment. Quite recently, and, as it were, in direct oppo-

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ment of the heart which subsequently was a source of so much

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first manifested, and even to preclude its employment altogether

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future researches. Grounds for the foregoing statement as regards the

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it is only necessary to ascertain whether the organ preserves its

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by compression, and the patient suff'ers from dyspnoea caused by inter-

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gent remedies are indicated, with moderately revulsive applications to the

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veins, since the course of the blood-current is from smaller to larger

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one branch of a family : Two brothers married sisters. In neither family

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effort having . effected nothing, the three medical brethren, Drs.

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may, in like manner, lead to a fatal termination. The effects of emboli

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ordiuary bronchitis ; the acts of coughing persist for a longer time, and

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only child, her father^ who was the sole surviving parent, -had been

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