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C5onductor for the illumination of the internal cavi-
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In Vol. VII Ziemsenn*s Cyclopaedia, Leube cites catarrh of the rectum
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that such good results are obtained by the persistent use of full doses
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organs yield very variable results. Some bacilli can usually be found,
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Z)ose.— H. & C, 3 i.-ii. (4.-8.); D., gr.i.-ii. (.06-.12).
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secrete, the subcutaneous tissues gradually absorb a normal
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gradually enlarges, bound down and depressed in the centre, or
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as under even the best of circumstances it is sometimes
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Journal of the American Medical Association, and is endorsed by publica-
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light on another question, namely, that the cerebellum has
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the mod Recent Methods of Examination. By Oswald Vierorut, M.D.,
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schools of the South to adopt the four years' graded course.
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not essential to its occurrence, although it might be, and per-
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vated and saved, but "by my spirit" ; while the former, — the
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been admired under the name of The Master of the Petrarch Illustrations. The text by Brunfels
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parasites throughout the animal kingdom. Three varieties affect man,
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subjects are more subject to it than are other types. A peculiar state
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up to the very lime of lalior, as this exercise would
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direct your attention, is- one of chronic congestion of
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pain, even physical tortures, the escape from which makes death
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this repeated hawking is a bad habit. The voice often becomes husky
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and it was removed. Suppuration of the brain followed, and collections of pus
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ters devoted to the description of the psy- >'.^^''^ ^""^ older). With twelve illustra-
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ally benign, the rapidity of disappearance is frequently
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been greater at the onset, the effects of the ligation on it
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nursing, but of the very best that can be procured.
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cerous nature may sometimes be inferred. Occlusion as a result of in-