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2. Diffuse labyrinthitis occurs in two forms : (a) Empyema of

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external signs. We may sometimes determine the presence of

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life in the State is 4.0, lower than the preliminary 1997

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ccmimon seats of encephuloid ; and its growth, symptoms, ter-

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movement. Strangely enough, the thumb remains intact, compensating for

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bright, but later the color is that of a purple raspberry and has a char-

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reduce tax revenues. (The experience in other states

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suit equally well Inguinal, Veutro-inguinal, or Femoral Hernia ; the difference being in the form of the

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disproves the author's standard of success. Scattered through the

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urine had been of a clear amber color throughout. At the expi-

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devoted himself conscientiously and exclusively to the public service.

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When quadrigeminal disease is suspected, Wernicke's hemiopic pupillary

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icle, which contained several strong, fibrous bands at-

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3. Those who are totall}' or almost totall\' blind, but who lost

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of the bridegroom, Josiab Svdnev Smith. M.D., of Tiverton. Devon, son


during the night were accompanied by a desire to vomit, led me to

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form of atrophy of bone which is found in some cases where there is

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tion, darkening of the areola of the breasts, nausea

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