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seven weeks later. Two of the rats were recently dead and the other

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818 et seq. — 3. Neuberger. " Akrokeratoma hereditarinm," Monatshefte f. prakt.

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are expectorated. Occasionally there are indications of the approach

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upon these would-be moral teachers, that their teachings are

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surface, and a thin layer of wadding over all. Opiates were

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the histological character of all the varieties is substantially the same.

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completely overpower them, that they perceive nothing that passes around

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On examining a drop of fresh blood drawn about fifteen minutes after dinner

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acerbation on exertion. Appetite and digestion poor,

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aware that such experiments have been and are being made at

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plained constantly of headache and failure of vision. On September 1st his

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look, and complains of headache, giddiness, and vague

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A fecal tumor w^ith colic may cause the merely local symptoms of

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(3.) " The sarcoptes are most certainly and easily found

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process of making the dough, in particular, the work is

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confounded peritonitis with enteritis; a mistake of great patho-

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aspirating needle was inserted through the eighth interspace

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tonitis at all. I am not sure that that does represent

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It is upon the same principle that we must base the differen-

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superficial and deep hypersesthesia; and finally the pulse becomes

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In the acute infectious diseases, several chapters have been

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veratrum-viride tincture may be given to quiet the heart before con-

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3. In case that round worms are troublesome about Wormwood.