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plication of this method of treatment, I will discuss its use in infan-
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On pinching a fold of the part between the fingers, marked induration is
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died and no deduction can be made regarding the effect of decom-
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In the last number of the Army and Navy Gazette some sensible
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larynx of a patient cannot be brought under that amount
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even in normal nerves. Thirdly, the case just recorded by the
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Cupping is to day very much in use, in spite of our
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1 Vide article by Horatio C. Wood, Jr. , in American Journal of Medical Sciences,
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Marischal CoUege, with the salary of £33. At his death Dr
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of the skin, b. Growing at temperature above 37® F.,
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Ther 79.576-583, May 1976 4. Kales A, etal Clin Pharma-
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We can conceive how the obliteration of a bronchus, involving
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of ancient religious obligations, it will be apparent that
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the same case the characters are not always uniform ; some glands may be
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rhages in the fundus of the eye are occasionally a very important aid
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by Trypanosoma gambiense, and that it is disseminated by G. pal-
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myelitis, peripheral neuritis, or reflex causes, is not uncommon.
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(il iIk-i vM'und-. <.-}'ci. i.ilK wlii'ii tlu- mi--ili.- li.i- lodL'fd in tlic limi,' .md
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the liquid, or percolate, passing through the percolator, will be nearly
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during uterine contractions the hand must remain quiescent and be flattened
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gray, with no pink tint about ii Near the middle of the
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pithy sentences, poignant in their sarcasms ui)On men and
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to induced electric currents. Unfortunately, no very per-
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the respective Deans. Regulations for the triple qualification
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scar, reproducing another stone. The advantages of peri-
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The experiments were being conducted with a view of
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centre from which this act takes it origin. The vomiting centre is in
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country may be free from the disease. In the Philippine Census^ for
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pressor tests were repeated. The histamine test, as
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its meetings, a Committee to whom it had been referred
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were common (50%) and included nausea, vomiting, pruri-
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ooze of cloffing, apply to the wart ; the third day it See art. ix.
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