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subsided, and the uterine disease, at that time, gave no farther
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the only remaining traces of the phlebitis. The patient could move
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Antonin's case the right parietal bone presented, at the insertion of the
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attention, since it scarcely occasions annoyance by itching, and the fungus
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volutions of the hemispheres. Magendie ib stated to have been the first to suggest the idea,
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«pid«mies. The firsi Indian outbreak vluch specially interests us is that
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certain characters of fever, it is one of nature's efforts at
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of the gymnotus was, so much the stronger were the commo-
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arrangement ? and are we to expect the future numbers of the
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variety becoming merged in the diffuse pulmonary destruction.
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until the twelfth day. ' Twice spots were profuse, and
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neuritis have been produced experimentally in animals. One of
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anxiety inseparable from the lives of those engaged
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But the evidence points directly to that of importation from
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•• I tliink I can say surely that not one of these persons suf-
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of the bowel was normal. That of the last portion of
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a combination of iodide of potassium and tonic doses of digitalis and
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Treatment. In the initial stage, treatment should be that of the
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resisted 60° C for one hour. Others were killed under similar
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trouble is when they feel all right they will use the game leg and
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has intermissions. There is generally constipation of the bowels. If any
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inflammation of the plantar fascia sometimes occurs
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of our patient brother, the evil demon who haunts his dreams
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as consisting of one layer only — the " vi.sceral " layer.
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house. Afterwards she became an in-patient at King's College
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liquor, with a granular sediment, thought most in appearance to resem-
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with home mucus and blood. For the next four or five days the stools are
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of the heart's action was ever remarked." These observations are