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tween the ages of 1 7 and 25. All but the father con-
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the nature of sensation in general. Suffice it to say, that all agents
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<Arch. f. Naturg., Berl., 14. J.,'v. 1, pp. 166-173, 1 pi., 'figs. 1-6. [W, W».]
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Bums: In the Medical News for July 26, 1902, Dr M. F.
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cion of its character, or a case in which concealment is
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doubt but that the respect and confidence at large will be com-
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art. All the trained faculties, the careful culture, and the ripe
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is, that material things do not exist — that all is mind)
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carried out by a devious journey, first of all to Sydney and thence to
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of gout, deposits of urate of soda are always found in the renal tissue. The
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By this time sufficient barium will have reached the lower
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this "no mean city" evidently think that it is for the strangers and
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stands in a hollow niche in the wall, and parallel with his spine
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The reaction after the incision had been quite insignificant. A bloody infiltra-
by means of artificial inoculation, as has been done by the writer. A
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compliance or for reasons beyond the control of the pa-
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were : in largest diameter, 14| in. ; in circumference of neck, 9| in. :
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As a pliysical being, man, and all other organized bodies, «lepends
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in which the lives of two innocent persons, a mother and grandmother were
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unavoidable the most careful precautions should be taken.
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sities, which bring within the possibility of well nigh
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