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1. A countenance expressive of distress and anguish, some-
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Whilst superpurgation and acute diarrhoea most commonly
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“come here — come there at once — at once !”
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Symptoms. — Part of the face or the neck, or occasionally the whole
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The preparations of iron have a specially curative agency. Their modus
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who came from a case of measles, took his child upon his knee, then put it down, and
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St. Mark's Hospital, New York.— Dr. H. J. Schiff has
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Captain Lewis Holmes Swindell, Med-ORC, Washington.
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sity-trained. Contact Dept. 979 in care of the Journal.
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(.1. F.) Apparatus for making fluid extracts. No. 617322;
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on the floor almost every variety of bacteria that we are familiar with ;
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and for a moment distribute the blood a little more
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We may have the most serious apprehension concerning our patients,
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cutaneous fat, with the sharp folds of the skin and general distribution
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lungs together sank in water ; each lung separated from the heart also