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infarction. Cultures made from the blood and various organs of
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in the same substances, are derived from the experiments of Dr.
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no convulsion, although slight convulsive movements
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to one side of the vessel, then raised up and bridged over the
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muscle is felt playing beneath it : the movements of the limb are limited and
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some of the cases regarded as sporotrichosis were really cases of syphilis,
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carefully, as they frequently take out the instrument,
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tube and ovarian ligament may, on the other hand, be
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•* During the week following the departure of Dr. T., I was visited
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respiration, then there might be a possibility that Aconite
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Mercurial ointment has been recommended for the same purpose.
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as an antiseptic, the Dover's powder acts as a diaphoretic, and has a
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alus.] Med. Obozr., Mosk.. 18D6, xlv, 213.— Ti-iizzi (E.)
bilateral achilles tendon rupture following levofloxacin and glucocorticoid use
descending degeneration, or a primary spinal condition of the
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it is subnormal. One case I recall to mind had a temperature
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muscles of the leg were strained in their effort to main-
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lungs is such that their dependence is mutual; if cerebral
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que:Jtionable whether bloodletting be ever ad >n sable in young children,
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by the following words of Debove" : " We know what the future has
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It was found as the result of numerous experiments on dogs that,
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who had served in the Army Medical Corps, had noticed that the
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a ooDSumptive patient to be growing very short of breath, there being
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25 days, marked constriction of fields, most left ; 29 days visual acuity, R. /^. L. ^'5 ; con-
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publications throughout the country have suffered, from the
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of rabbits immunized with some strains of B. pullorum or B. san-
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et m6m. Soc. mdd. d. hup. de Par., 1887, 3. s., ii, 35-40.—
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tercourse, will prevent a certain number of cases of infection.
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