Monday, October 18, 2010

Lessons in conversation for Pizza Express staff

October 13, 2010 by kate  
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It’s been reported in a leading British newspaper that Pizza restaurant, Pizza Express, has brought in a conversational expert to help coach their staff in the art of small talk to help put customers at their ease.

Trained actor Karl James has been hired by the bosses at Pizza Express to run a series of workshops to help enhance the conversational ability of the staff. The move to improve the ability of staff to interact with customers comes ahead of the grand opening of the new experimental Pizza Express restaurant in Richmond, known as the Living Lab.

The new restaurant is a place where the chain plans to experiment with new concepts and menu ideas before rolling them out across their other outlets; the conversation workshops are just one of the new ideas being trialled.

It has been suggested that our face to face interaction skills have suffered as a result of the rise in popularity of social networking where people use Facebook, Twitter and text messaging to interact. The Pizza Express bosses hope to remedy this issue amongst their staff through the workshops which will teach employees how to subtly flirt with customers and indulge in banter to make the experience of dining at a Pizza Express restaurant all the more enjoyable.

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