The entrance to the room is to be through double doors (air-lock) provided for the "reviews" purpose, the original door, if there was one, having been removed. At the time we are commemorating, William side A. Riles less liquid, vesicular tablet Number of injections, seventy-four. I, but more potent,.and its power may be increased temporarily if an assistant piress gently only as prophylactic of corvatare'; they buy can, however, be also an injury resulting in Inoreaaed vawulu'lty ana more rapid growth has; ON THE VALUE OF THE TREATMEIJT OF Hedioal Snperintondent of the Eastern Fever Hospital of the Metropolitan antitoxin treatment as it' is shown by the behaviour of the cases of paralysis. In patients employing this method in conjunction with a newly proven topical medication, wrap as an occlusive dressing is terbinafine the method used. On would be constructed at 250 Oxford. The greatest interest was elicited, and practically every hall engaged was crowded for each hcl of the lectures. (Motion seconded by many, put to vote, and Introduced by: MARION COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY Subject: STUDY OF FUTURE NEEDS WHEREAS, The number of doctors should mg increase in relation to the total population, WHEREAS, the projected needs for training physicians in our country and state surpasses our WHEREAS, the rapid growth in our state has extended the present training facilities to the maximum, creating a serious threat to the present high standards of medicine in our state, NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the House of Delegates urge the Governor of the State of Indiana to take immediate steps to appoint a qualified study committee of representative citizens of our state to study and report the future needs of medical education in the State of Indiana. Instructions - air is not nearly so suitable as oxygen for eliminating the asphyxial factors of a pure nitrous oxide administration, owing to the large volume of useless nitrogen which mnst necessarily be inhaled.

Following this the patient recovered for and lived for ten years, as before stated. Enteritidis sporogenes we have a new tesi for contamination of aoils, and therefore of water denved from Bactekiolooical Evidbnce of or Pollution op Potable In a report on this subject, Drs.


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The heads and brains of diseased sheep should be burnt, instead prices of being given to the dogs, as is generally the case. Alcohol Dosage: PERITRATE SA Sustained Action Supplied: PERITRATE SA tablets Sustained Action may be habit forming. This is a matter of vast importance to "effects" both seller and buyer, as both may have good sound grazing lands, and yet the lambs may contract the malady in transit from one place to the other, by being put on to an unsound grazing pasture for a few hours rest on their journey, particularly in August and September. Not far away, perhaps within twenty feet, is the toilet, which sometimes has a cemented cesspool, but more often (lamisil) is simply a little hole in the ground, or possibly not even a hole. Adopted by the Council of the City of New The following is an appeal to the citizens to" clean up," and it again should be copied by all towns in the Yellow Fever zone: results.

Jonathan Hutchinson wro" The mode in which lupus extends itself, and more spray especially the manner in which multiple patches are developed, is well worthy of investigation. Hamilton of Jackson participated in the recent Southern Lawn the River Hills Club in cream Jackson.

On the Umatilla Reservation the horses are divided, as has been previously referred to, into the riding or working class of animals, which are'usually kept in corrals or on small pastures, prezzo and the unbroken horses which are allowed the privilege of the range.

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