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Lady Gaga treats fans to $1,000 worth of pizza from Papa Johns

November 25, 2009 by kate  
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Lady Gaga rewards fans with free Papa Johns pizza

Lady Gaga rewards fans with free Papa Johns pizza

Lady Gaga treated her loyal fans to $1,000 worth of pizza courtesy of Papa Johns this week. The wacky singer decided to reward her followers, who had queued for hours outside a record store in the US where she was signing copies of her new album, by giving away free pizza.

Hundreds of Gaga fans descended upon the Best Buy store in Los Angeles to get their copy of the new album, The Fame Monster, signed by the Lady herself. The singer also hit the headlines this week, not unusually, for her outrageous choice of costume for her album signing tour. Taking the current trend for 80’s style shoulder pads to great heights, Gaga sported a black blazer with should pads which reached her ear lobes.

Gaga devotees had a happy wait for their idol outside the record store in LA as 80 cheese pizzas were delivered throughout the day courtesy of Papa Johns. The free pizza certainly helped to keep the crowd in good spirits as they waited patiently. Writing on her Twitter account, Lady Gaga posted this message: “Sending all my little monsters little pizzas for waiting all night for me at best buy. I hope you’re hungry…eat up I love u!”

The inside word from the Papa Johns outlet which served Lady Gaga is that she tips “very, very well.”

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