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tism that I wish to uphold, regardless of any particular

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is characterised by drowsiness, ocular paralysis, and fever. These

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suppressio veri, the suggestio falsi, and the skilled

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different operations suit them. The personal equation

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a serous or mucoserous exudation ; the other is a true purulent otitis

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was subsequently elected physician to the Eoyal In-

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plan and funds for families with dependent children)

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On the 19th of May, we found his pulse 84 — one pint of urine dis*

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be seen and felt through the abdominal wall. The animal died on

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hoe-handles, toy wagons and sleds, and foot-stools, which he

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internal and less sensitive part of the retina ; the angular displace-

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has been highly effective in decreasing the probability of chronic hepatitis B virus infection in infants

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At 10.30 he felt much better, and took about half a pint of strong beef-tea, with an

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trochanter. The deep location of the ball is indicated by its dimness of

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sults, though the former is so unendurably painful in its

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epidemic of 1884, and later in Hamburg, in 1892. Its two-

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Nolan, J. V., Kannapolis, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1921 1921 1922

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been but little changed, and this was because therapeu-

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be cured. Much washing is harmful, yet crusts and scales must

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2. A Bill for Making Provision for the Care and Treatment of Habitual

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phosphorus and chloroform poisoning and acute yellow

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a striking contrast between the appearance of the intestine in cases which

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ing part, are difficult to see and therefore diflficult to remove with any

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impairment of the vascular system as some of the results of lithemia.

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pressure was 120 mm. of mercury, the diastolic 72. There were no marked

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one which should be adopted in future child welfare work. (It can

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tion. The pulse is slow, the face flushed, and the unconsciousness

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LeRoy Parker made a verbal report on a memorial to the

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level of the fluid. As is apt to be the case where there is

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poration, ore not less vague and obscure than those vhioh belong to the

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