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this performance of Dr. Scudamore too highly, were we to
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one case (Beg. v. Tommey, Warwick Lent Assizes, 1854), tried before Cole-
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Sanatoriums. — The objects are twofold, healing and educational. In
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lequel je forme le lambeau extcrne et poftericur, en paffanl fon tranchant
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T.j, 1891-2, i, 37-39.— Brcycr (W.) Et Tilfailde af He-
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similar to kreatin and kreatinin in chemical compo-
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arms, though in a proporttona imber of cases the suliclavian my
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patient was dependent upon crutches for all locomotion^ the second
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ship of Veterinary Medicine in connexion with the University
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VIII, are analyzed in the discussion which follows.
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recorded by Ryerson ' should encourage further trial in similar cases.
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treatment they receive. The treatment may be divided into palliative
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48. Infant Feeding. — ^Two questions to be answered are:
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as to temporarily hold the foot in this position. He
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many of the patients, the inaccessibility of the prostate,
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experience hold opposite opinions. In England authorities are divided,
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at least two years each. But candidates are not obliged to '
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dies or measures adopted in the early stage of the disease,
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resistance. The type of the disease has materially changed
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The ])atient had intense inflammation of the entire maxillary region on one side,
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part of the femur. It had almost entirely ren. The methods adopted by surgeons for
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mitted since 137, making a total of 173, or an increase over
nizoral shampoo for frontal hair loss
' " The above explanation of the occurrence of spermatozoa in hydrocele is in com-
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diameter of about that of the orbicularis ciliaris. A possible explan-
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Available immediately. Licensed in Connecticut. Passed Na-
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creased quantity ; on the other hand, a longitudinal fracture is
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stance of the lung sibilus, or large or small crepitation we hear
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vital laboratory of man. He will, therefore, select more powerful means
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Aerobic forms, when motile and growing in media in which the oxygen is
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statement, there is now on hand 156.26 in the General Fund and $910
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with what happy effects ether was administered when administered
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cause cardiac arrhythmia and may also sensitize or exaggerate the response of the heart to the toxic effects
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pathological lesions, e. g., adhesions, hemorrhages, tubal preg-
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shows a kaolatype of Smith's gag. For general purposes,
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dueed by respiration to transform them into urea by further oxidation,