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urethra there were very likely to be more obstructions
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on that portion of vapour which has escaped precipitation, and
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from the urine and in two instances from the blood was
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are so highly necessary, in order to arrest the propagation of this fearful malady.
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from injury, it has sometimes disappeared, either spontaneously,
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mitted to the central organs in the eneephalon by the nerves.
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remains becomes opaque and gradually concretes, desiccation
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:i\ very much misunderstood, in consequence of such remedies
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hours, with a weak solution of carbolic acid, until it flows clear.
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stump of the tendon. The overlapping tendon should then be
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Examination on admission : T. 99.5 ; P. 88, R. 20. _ Pallor is
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whom tuberculosis was diagnosed. Am Rev Respir Dis 1987; 135:875-879
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culosis is probably accidental : their occasional coincidence is
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are other substances present which constitute the real toxic agent. Thus,
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ticemic group; sometimes staphylococci and streptococci.
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16 grains of Metallic Iron to the ounce. This form is not inju-
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f}dng all his animal propensities ; taking, furtively or forci-
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foot, and atrophy of the lower extremities. The diag-
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view and truly epidemiological spirit, tends to support the suggestion,
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simply the blood pressure, determines the glomerular excretion,
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as in the previous form. Examination shows the anterior surface of
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od and technique of the rest and rectal feeding method of
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much more complete operation, which consisted in making an
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vered slowly their impaired health and strength. The concentrated
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m twenty-four hoiurs. Rarely the amount of urea passed in the twenty-
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HELEN B. CONWAY, D.O Assistant in Clinical Osteopathy
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line, and superiorly with various parts of the cortex. There
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cases in which the fly finds on exposed portions of the body such a
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was not purchased from a country dealer, but from a highly respectable
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much specific value we can attach to this formation of formic acid. In
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arrived at by a Committee appointed by them some time back to
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become sharply angular by rubbing against each other, penetrate more
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In the early stages of inflammatory disease of a secretory organ,
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