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the animal lie down until after it is washed off, for if he does he

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They are then ushered in by general malaise, nausea,

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stupes, &c., added iced champagne Avlieu he wished for it, and a

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vulsions due to gummatous lesions ; while others finally suffer from the mental

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should not be used as an excipient in the preparation of the pills, but whether

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Of these, 7 were non-viable, i. e., were born after less

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levied in this year reached 5.664 persons (e.xcluding sea-

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Dr. Jacobi moved that a vote of thanks be extended to the

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Dr. Lloyd answered that the microscopist had reported

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important. It is clear from inspection of the pregnant abdomen,

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hypertrophy, no fibrillar twitchings, and no reaction of degeneration. The

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turbances, and holds to an antecedent cachexia. Mr.

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mended. Scra,tches and cracked heels of horses, fissured

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ducting the stretcher-bearers to the aid post a mile away.

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excitement of the circulation, the pulse not exceeding its normal

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cles, one situated about the center of the wall of the left ventricle, the other

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gist, and he has kindly furnished us with advance sheets. He

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anemia due to folate deficiency: pregnancy at term and during the nursing period; infants less than two

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Eustachian tube, frontal sinus, and larynx. They may migrate from the

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(bulbar epilepsy), and may be excited by reflex irritation, as

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arteries of the face and the branches of the facial nerve which run

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momentary dm'ation, was noted by Abels ^ as a slight negative subjective

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visible in one field of an inch objective. They form rather a

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been born ; instead, daily anointing the whole surface

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lamentable expedition to Walciiercn ; and the di>tress to which

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A separate continuous suture for each. The single continuous peritoneal

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to clinical instruction, 1 was much interested in what

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del piede; amputazione osteoplasfica alia Pirogoff. Poli-

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following the distribution of a cutaneous branch of the ulnar

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and presented his perfected model of catheterising cysto-

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fulso in the neck ; no enlargement of the liver or intestinal con-