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decidedly less pain than in other joints in proportion to the amount of change.
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2 cm. or more beyond the upper ones. The alveolar process is, as it were,
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„, , .,1, ;:::;;,r;:''^''':;''''''''^'''V''''''' •■■■"•••' ^-'--r
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of severity, go unheeded, while he would become alarmed over a pain in
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add some confusion to the differentiation, but careful analysis of symptoms
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vapiil, as show II e\pei'iiiientally li>' the rapiditx with which ph.\ sioloiiic
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diplococcus, but also decolorizes by Gram. Fortunately, the latter organism
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Thus, spoin.'y platinum shows an optimum temperature in its action on
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kidney, pyelitis, and ureteritis may often all be found in association, while
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'n tlic vciia-cna incssmv. Wlicn tlii' aortic i)n'ssiin' i
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ulna, increased 5 mm. and 3 mm. respectively; that of the midcarpal regions
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also in connection with reactions to ayes; Poll's more accurate name,
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duriiii: stimiil.-ition of the jilexus. On the other liand, alterations in tli-
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most constant and striking features. They were noted by Virchow in his
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notably chronic cases of pyelitis and pyelonephritis, these methods of treat-
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some cases of diabetes there may be spells of freedom from glycosuria, even,
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prescribe huge amounts of water he regards as unsuccessful, for the damaged
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tinued exposure at a very low temperature may result in a freezing of the
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"In sixteen cases there were found, on cutting through the thyroid,
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l;v I'svapcniciil. II' tiic Irjiciii}.' is liikcii directly fnnii llic lii-iirt. it will
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lifteen or twentv minutes after the exeiting stimulus has been remove.l.
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remembered that when dealing with the same bacterium agglutination will
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"The shafts of all the long bones are white, nodular and massive, and
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e.c. of N 1(1 alkali lor acid i reciuired to l.rin^' the urine to the neutra'
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The skin usually quickly becomes healthy, but in some cases desquama-
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of acute nephritis from whatever cause, and instances of sharp febrile
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Tho circular muscular coat of the last two or three centimcnters of
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in the hand, deposited in the soft gelatinous matter.
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tumor, had nearly fallen into its natural situation.
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a light, connective-tissue stroma. Alveolar and papillary forms have also
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Tlic licll is I'lHiiitcipdisi'd liy iiic.-iiis lit' ii wciulit. In tlic (iriu'iiiiil Tissn)
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1' ■ in pinliiii, v\heii-;is llnil I'r the t ImrMcic ilnct ijoes nut I'iill I..
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dueed (se.. pajfe (iS.!). j, dccM.ied in til.- amiiioiiia ex.-retion I,;
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air toward the end of the apneic pause is not without some efl'eet, indi-
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tion of ordinary goitre, and hence they are by no means peculiar nor charac-
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atous. The legs are short. The tibiae are sometimes curved, even without
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Anotlier im])ortaiit property of the transfused saline solution to cm
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important. It may occur before local invasion, and in some cases causes all
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ner\e to Ihe hl.Mid \esse| is cut. C.',) This same fact has 1 11 .sliiiwn h;
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.\ piaetieal hioh.eieal appli.'atioii o|' these luineiples rail Very readily
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formed. The development of the mental faculties varies much in different
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by most writers, and some go so far as to state that 25 per cent, of the cases