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the phenomena resulting therefrom are not so tedious nor so
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Sankey, M.D., F.R.C P., for the reception of a Umited number of
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(increased work from destruction of renal structure, and impediment to excretion
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of distention of the larger veins, and in the peculiar grayish-blue color
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the difficulty. They are not facts. The writer himself, though he
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Is able to endure study as well as young men. Her entrance
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walls and ceilings are retouched. Where the walls are papered
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The two special points considered in this investigation were the relation of
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logical changes met with by certain observers point clearly, as we
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sequences than in the epidemic of Scarlef fever in this city. Instances
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Report of Cases Treated With the Hot Air Bath —W. H.
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observed, connected with the mode of death by coma; but when
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seen a case of membranous-croup." Now, the question arises
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fluid, the organism could be indefinitely cultivated
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shows himself keenly alert to every clinical phenomenon
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provement in this direction. T. J. Haublet, M. D., Secretary,
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of the pupils. In my visits I have found reading classes of seven and
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fluous to point out the fallacy of this belief, and the erroneous-
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\. ,u,to,enou. vaccine i< to be preferred to a stock one, and the ittjection
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Transactions of the American Medical Association — Review of 213, 301
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tuated on the Atlantic, while a principal portion of it
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vision, and although he does not share Henri's opinion on the subject, quotes
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ly deny. Suppose a man's muscles, or liver, or lungs, or any other
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points to a distinct variation of the reaction of the nervous system
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Metehnikoff in his "new" hygiene dwells upon the great sanitary
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his ill-success, but somewhat illogically so, we think,
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was the first to appear. In none of the cases is there
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a case of contracted pelvis, I immediately decided to ascertain the length
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informs me that on careful examination ho found that not one