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and Chairman of MAG’ s Scientific Assembly Committee, and

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If you consider it w^orthy of the space it will occupy in your valuable Journal,

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I am not going to eulogize Dr. Stewart, but I will say that he is a clever young man, one

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Dr. McLaughlin — Yes ; I wish now to express my opinion if I may speak.

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The President (Dr. Britton) in the chair, called the meeting to order.

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Available through SMA Physicians Purchasing Program

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also in fixing upon me a charge of literary plagiarism, which is calculated,

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10. Tamey TJ, Rohr PR, Davidson AG, et al. Pneumatic calf compression,

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doubt, liable to prosecution under the Medical Act, for assuming a

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the rates which were adequate in one case, were inadequate in the other.'

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36. Sackner MA. Bronchofiberoscopy. Am Rev Respir Dis