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ally with the exanthema of stomatitis pustulosa contagiosa,

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An applicant for temporary license must appear before two members of the


It sometimes happened that the ward physician in immediate charge of

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by the blood is, at least in the cases of excessive bone absorption, largely

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-Portion of Fig. i. More Magnified to Show the Nests, k. Ecto-

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Tlie object of the operation was to make the canal of

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Pre$iden^—W. H. THOMPSON, Qneen's CoUege, Belfmst.

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Dr. Cruickshank read a paper on " The Differential Diagnosis of Ty-

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pose of overcoming, or, at all events, of moderating the predis-

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minutes and marked local hyperemia be produced. Intense

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possible to prevent troops on the march from drinking

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Nearly all the teachers in this county have received their

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as urobilinogen, because in this case the urobilin band only appeared

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consultation with his attending physician, November

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to enable him to progress with any degree of satisfaction. The habit of

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motor area of the brain, with consecutive descending changes

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the finger. Having removed the adhesions, a tenaculum was inserted in the

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him, together with M. Vallee, and had been <peror's physican, representing himself as an

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259), or products pertaining to the hospital fund (vegetables from

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Case 4. Mrs. H.. age 56. Fibroid tumor of the uterus. Before operation

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of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime." But how,

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Change of scene, hydrotherapy, and massage will often do much to

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