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was quite separate from the peritoneal cavity. The sac and

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were supposed to be not less important indications of it. Now, it is a matter

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large ward. Not more than 3 or 4 should be put in one large,

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quantity of tuberculous substances, and the bacteria obtained from them, and

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merely filled with blood instead of with pus or sero-pus. In some forms

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degenerative mental disease, the judgment either develops from the

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the ])celing was abundant, she inclosed several of the epi-

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paroxysm. In severe forms the stools are often either black

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and elimination in the aged? It must not be forgotten,

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England and Wales as a whole there were only five localities in which the

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changes, and to contract adhesions to neighbouring organs — probably from

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Secretaries of medical societies will confer a favor by keeping us iny

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rather upon the amount and location of the lesion than

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This is sufficient to give you the relative importance of the two.

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A defect or interruption in any one part of an apparatus, m

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thought it useful for certain cases of placenta prsevia when the child

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the scarlet fever assumed, in its initiatory stage, a congestive type, resembling

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and ventricles of the heart, and sometimes enlargement of the liver and spleen.

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the same direction, and after proceeding about two miles to White-

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patella could be felt on the upper surface, to which position it had been gradu-

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Pierce, M. V. Two cases of ante-partnm hiemorrhage both

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the hypophosphite of soda or of lime to the potash salt, and

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and altogether the journal is the most satisfactory in the English

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