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^ucdon of 10 p^rts of carbonic acid as a result of combustion implies the
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Surgeon to the Sunderland Police force, when we found the state
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uria was noted in 164. The albuminuria begins early in the disease
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great nervous excitability, than in the male. The symptoms are similar to those
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discharge was never copious, and the bone showed a great
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ing their peculiar influences and producing a septic condition
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interior of the uterus. From what we now know of it, it seems
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utensils to be used, as well as the " vehicles " for the preparation
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compounds, and in" some combinations with the metals. When K
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so many cases of aneurysm. This aneurysm, although much
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presidents. Dr. Manning Simons, Charleston, S. C, and Dr.
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There was an increase of temperature reaching as high
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IV. the operation was made longer and more difficult by
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revolution. The relations stand thus : — the first sotmd extends
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given, that is not imperfect, and thus falls short of what it ought
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lieart was suspected either before or after my examination. The following
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of nervous phenomena, or such as have been attributed to nerv-
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bolus, and that this extended down into the cesophagus for
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Arnold sterilizer, with definite directions as to the pro-
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not boiled milk the first thing after waking in the morning,
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here, because this woimd was infected before the case came to
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of opiom every two liours ; and I thinic this ticatment, Mpeciailfwfaa
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tion of tincture of iodine in this disease. A camel's hair
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or rusty in appearance. There may be the typical malar flush,
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this operation until the ninth day after his admission, when he had become so
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pyelitis, in which the pus made its way outwardly, forming a subcuta-
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tissue was indurated about this — fluctuating at one
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recur again and again over a space of eighteen months or more ; this was
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and circulation is for a time functional only, it presently becomes
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not in how many thousand cases the continuance of dis-
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Indications: Relief of anxiety and tension occurring alone or
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we advance cautiously and safely to the required degree of action,
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similar for all the members of this group. In describing the different
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than a year, forty years of age, the mother of one child of seventeen
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was enlivened throughout by the Professor's peculiar humor, and en-
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It is now universally admitted that the second sound of the heart