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of the permanently attached block of Hutchinson, a movable one, which I

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ocular tension was reduced, and there was tenderness on pressure

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precipitate is collected after nitration, dried, and preserved in well-

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of bile in the gall-bladder was so great, in many instances, that the disease

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1 Taylor on Poisons may be consulted for this purpose.

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eight years. There was history of pain in the ovarian region, disturbed

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several times yearly for about four years, and which

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into the men's medical ward of the Pennsylvania Hospital February 2,

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a thousand cases of children or of old persons that have

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morbid affections, the conclusion has forced itself

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required in the case of the index finger than of the fourth finger. As a

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more greatly delayed than the primary elevation of temperature.

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antiseptic bath, entire change of clothing, wearing India

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Gamgee's Our Domestic Animals in Health and Disease, p. 256.)

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of cerebral symptoms (delirium, convulsions, and coma) which

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application of galvanism, inverse cun-ent, stabile, large volume and

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excretory duct of the testicle, when submitted to the same pro-

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from disease ; indeed, the woman who is perfectly sound

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