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the article on the subject in " Holmes's Surgery " views similar to

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and consequently the red-hot cautery had to be employed

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tion. Unintentional or wilful concealment tends to de-

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scarlet fever. It is well, then, that the aid afforded by the

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and severe; they occur with lightning-like quickness, and the facial mus-

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The reactions of degeneration are observed in diseases which

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consideration of any method of treatment. Martin had recently

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32 Dietrich, J.: Die Wirkung komprimirten und verdiinter Luft an

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of severe dyspncea on the occasion of any slight laryngeal catarrh, or on

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only by direct extension of the lesion from the mesentery or neigh-

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clonic spasmodic seizures, particularly involving the heart, the

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a scald on his back eighteen months previously. He had

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i. e., evaporated and pulverized, extracted with ether, the ether evaporated,

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accessory cavities of the nose, and gangrene of the pharynx,

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and by examining the development, structure, and function of all the organs,

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gress of corroding ulcer for years, by the application from

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Uterine Pains. — As a contribution to the material

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Later in the disease, small doses of the iodids, with strychnin

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simple alkaline solution of borax and soda in the form of

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Hookworm disease is due to small, round worms which attach

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This could be done if there were a system of reporting

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long tendinous band. The author maintains that osseous

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are due to elimination by the mucous membranes of certain toxic