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Introducing the environmentally friendly pizza box

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The GreenBox can be broken down to create 4 plates and a storage box for leftover pizza

A company in New York believe they’ve come up with a design which will change the way we use pizza boxes forever.

Eco Incorporated have invented a pizza box which does more than just carry pizza in order to enhance the use of efficiency of the box, to make it more environmentally friendly.

The long rectangle shaped cardboard box can be split into four separate pieces for use as plates which saves on washing up, saving water and time for the pizza diners. Secondly, the base of the pizza box can be turned into a storage container so any leftover pizza can be stored neatly in the fridge using the original pizza box it arrived in, but broken down into a smaller form.

The GreenBox, as it’s been named, features in its own YouTube video which demonstrates the different uses of the pizza box for those who enjoy a takeaway, but also want to help the environment.

The GreenBox has also received celebrity endorsement from Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher who mentioned the new pizza box design on his Twitter blog, further boosting the profile of the new invention.

Pizza outlets across the US and Canada have already started signing up the new pizza box design, so it’s probably only a matter of time before the GreenBox makes its way over to the UK.

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