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International chefs compete at Pizza Olympics

July 6, 2012 by Ian  
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The world’s Pizza Olympics is underway in Naples as pizza artists from around the world compete to win top honours. The Pizza Napoletana Olympic Games, hosted from 3-5 July, is on its final leg to find the world’s best pizza chef.

Hosted by the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (AVN) and held at the Città della Scienza, the Pizza Olympics is divided into five categories: the Classic Pizza (whip up a traditional Italian classic pizza!), the Fantasy Pizza (let your imagination run loose as long as it abides by the AVN regulations), the Artistic Pizza, the Fried Pizza, and of course the Mastunicola (a pizza made of dough seasoned with lard or extra-virgin olive oil, basil and pepper).

For the first time, the competition has introduced the preparation of dough from scratch. Competitors need to create the Real Napoletana Pizza by experimenting with different types of pizzas, including marinara and margherita pizzas of course!

The Pizza Olympics has brought in chefs from across the world. Japanese pizza chef, Masa, is a participant and runs an Italian restaurant in Osaka called Masaniello. The restaurant is named after the Neapolitan fisherman who later became the leader of the revolt against Habsburg rule in Naples in 1647.

Masa says: “The biggest satisfaction is having Neapolitans at the end of the meal compliment you for the pizza.”

The competition, which draws the best of Italian talent, has seen 15 Japanese pizza chefs travel to Naples this year, along with several others from across the world to battle it out for the winning title. The Pizza Olympics also hosts workshops, seminars and other events for pizza chefs and connoisseurs to participate in.

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