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of years an applicant may teach who holds only a third grade certificate.
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useful, if not remedial. Every well planned and well
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The author commenced with some introductory remarks, contrasting the old
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albumen; no casts; sp. gr. 1015. Twenty-four hours after no albumen. She made a
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Cii<««reHn Soctloii. A case of Caisarean section, Worcester, A.,
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intoxication and of a stimulation of the growth of the tumour. Petersen
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included. The new edition deserves fully as cordial a reception
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affect these regions at all. Epidermophyton rubrum,
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and chronic changes in the leaflets of the mitral valve. In
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sister of Professor Jacobi, both brother and sister having
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passed my most sanguine expectations. I call it the
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Dr. Harvey said that on opening the abdomen only a small
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loosened cuticle exfoliates, sometimes in large sheets, sometimes in
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tain them as if they were his own, and born after marriage. At the same time
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needs our attention, not alone the most afflicted spot. The
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the sudden production of some painful impression. Cold affusion to the
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lular hypersensitiveness. It is conceivable that in the above patients
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bath, and under chloroform, being unsuccessful, forty-
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have seen several cases — and, in fact, the universal tes-
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susceptible human beings to the test of experiment,
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the upper rundle being in the fourth Septira, represented by
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ing as seen in anaesthesia from chloroform or ether, but
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practised by every surgeon who ventures to enter such an
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lic Health Association, formerly Director Boston Board of
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Last night I saw a gentleman sixty odd years of age who show-
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by long distension. The injection I have used as recom-
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Jour, of the Med. Sciences, Oct., 1910, p. 506, continue their
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was crude, and its teaching was comparatively inefficient.
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has been free from fever for several days, febrile attacks lasting for a day
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not be given in combination or at the same time. Different remedies should be
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