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The young King of Spain is very delicate, though no def-

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Wiltshire; Pares C. Datta, M.B., Ch.B.Edin., India; John N. F.

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adequate preliminary education, he must be taught the natural

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as stated. The operator then introduces the Galbiati

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brospinal syphilis, to be satisfactory, depends upon an early

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while in one or two days the tampon could be removed

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is all important, but unfortunately the record of the

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tubercular origin. At one time too little importance was

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naturally suggests itself. In the hands of Professor Recamier, it once brought

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and 199 were females. External influences pertaining to season play a

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b sser cornua ascend, to the length of a few lines, from the junction

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judiciary, has to be at least carried on by the people who take care of the sick. This

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monly if the middle ear were routinely examined at autopsy. Whenever

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phase, a certain number of them are lodged in the abdominal viscera and

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In suppurative perihepaiiii^ the symptoms are sometimes screened by those

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in the aorta ; or from a clot in the heart or in the sac of an

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mined. For several years she was kept at a crowded boarding school,

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stomach is accelerated; 1 mg. doses cause an initial increase in peris-

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In the same latitude it is lower in the southern than in the

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after it was observed that the cadavers of all animals

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In the last number of the Army and Navy Gazette some sensible

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lin tests, etc., is a very large accomplishment. In-

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didatic, and hope that it may be the means of eliciting the expe-

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organisms which cause meat to be poisonous may give rise to exactly

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manded the highest potential influence in the State and in the fram-

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higher regions of the Andes. In the warmer inland valley, as, e. g., in the sugar-

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effect in inducing a return of sensibility as had the discs of

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Hospital, Madison, and Prof of Medicine, University of Wisconsin-

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and liberally given for several weeks in this as well as most other modi-

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is little used in this country. It is applied by a small machine with a fan,