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Iceland’s calorific double-decker pizza causing a stir

November 8, 2011 by Tony  
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The release of the brand new double-decker pizza from frozen food retailer, Iceland, has been met with criticism from some corners as the 9 inch pizzas contains a belly busting £1,780 calories per pizza, which equates to 90% of a woman’s recommended daily calorie allowance.

The 1,780 calorie pizza is made up of two separate stone baked pizza dough bases sandwiched one on top of the other with toppings of sweet chilli, mozzarella, tomato sauce and pepperoni.

As well as weighing in just shy of the entire daily calorie allowance for women, and a few hundred calorie’s off the recommended daily calorie allowance for men which stands at 2,605, the mighty double-decker pizza also contains a hefty helping of salt, 9.6g to be precise, which is more than one and a half times above the daily amount recommended for men and women.

Described by Iceland as an “innovation”, the frozen food company says the double-decker pizza is intended for sharing, as demonstrated in its TV advert which shows X Factor contestant, Stacey Solomon, tucking into the new pizza with a friend.

Despite Iceland’s argument that the pizza is designed for sharing, at £3 a pizza and just 9 inches in size, many food experts are warning that consumers are likely to mistake the new product as a single serving and could end up consuming a huge portion of their recommended daily calorie allowance in one sitting.

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