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temperature of the patient. At times a reduction of

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while the predisposition, especially if it be congenital, is beyond control.

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two layers of foreskin, anterior to the clamp. 4. After

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At p. 573 {ante) a case is related in which a man was found dead at St. Fergus,!

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Of the Quanti live and Qaali tire Anal rna f L, "?' " 23S

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result of the loss of blood. It is very unusual to hear of a true migraine

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In children, or nervous, susceptible patients, where

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operation of laminectomy is no longer the formidable operation of the

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ing a patient, aged fifty-five years, who has a very hard, nodular fibroid

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Amst., 1885, xxi, 503-509.— Palmer. Malarial complica-

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cells of the anterior cornua may be destroyed so as to cause atrophy in the

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Treatment. — It is obvious from the foregoing that this depends to a

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within the synovial cavity, and in part to effusion into the surrounding

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forms of eczema, which cannot be epitomized in a small compass on

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homogeneous bacterial growth. The peculiar character of the spread of the

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quate coronary circulation. The slow but violent systoles throw

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the center of this pimple a dark spot had occurred. Surround-

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wine, as dry Moselle, Rhine, or claret, in definite quantity — four ounces

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normal, and the slightest exposure to cold causes great discomfort and cyanosis.

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varies according to circumstances, from three weeks to three

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of traction 1 ’ 3 ’ 7 ’ 10 ’ 13 ' 15 will probably be necessary

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with his patron in committing murder. In a legal point of view it

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the medicines that witness had broughi the patient. The doctor prac-

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of lithotrity ; and that, by Dr. Mason Warren, of Boston,

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Among the objects found in these buildings were : A bronze

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divided. Next the coracoid process was sawn off, with a small