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Mountainside Hospital, Montclair, New Jersey. With all of these

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Anthropological Society of Paris. He has also been vice-president of

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most reasonable man, in the light of exact modern scientific

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uated at Ihe Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, and

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enable me to say that I know of no class of serious cases which,

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fellow countrymen, both in this country and in Ireland, and for a

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shoulders, the little one being dressed with one pin instead of

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ilar organizations. In 1898 he received the honorary degree of LL.D.

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for free distribution; giving Ihe eminently satisfactory

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the nerve-system controls itself, as evinced by its own growth

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Erie County Hospital and Erie County Insane Asylum; for twenty-

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their frank and manly utterances of November last can doubt.

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irregular track, but never the contour wound formerly con-

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given has produced recovery ? How difficult it is, in dangerous

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Lnmhar puncture (Chasteney de Giry, Meslier, Auvray),

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known and his writings quoted throughout the medical

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cheerful and hopeful. She is an honor to her profession,

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dysphagia, contraction of the pupils, elevation of the tem-

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Loving his profession with an ever-fresh enthusiasm, he

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with blood, and has severe, pains in the hypogastrium ; locomo-

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^ «Mrt M» "wu ••titlllwn— a x<i ' ■*'■

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presents wounds analogous to those of the liver, though less

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will allow us to reach both the posterior tibial and the

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Medical Club " gave Dr. Hallock a complimentary dinner

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carro, assistant to Ramon y Cajal of Madrid, brought the prestige

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Many of the wounded with cranio-cerebral traumatisms,

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He was Professor of Obstetrics in the Long Island College Hos-

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Bullets of Soft Lead. — Bullets of soft lead, which are

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America by the Church of England, in the year 1704, lo

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made until the time of Mesmer, who invented a system of medi-

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tive power quite perfect. She had a slight aching in the back,

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" a text-book for the student, a ready volume of reference for the

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but very deficient with regard to retaining the fracture in