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going on well. She was disposed to sleep, and intolerant

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cloudy appearnnce, of varying degrees of intensity. He

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and the beneficial efiects of the flow are so obvious,

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of all three and combinations of any two, so that it is difficult often

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tional remedies, but in addition, alcohol is needed as a

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with 5 minims of nitrous ether 3 times each daj'. At the

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duced by some other means than the string, and that this had been

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contend that, if this mortgage runs out and we have not got the $60,000 to put up, and

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years ago. She had one miscarriage and was very much worse after it.

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The Specific Gravity of the Blood. — Diminution of the den-

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Ellen Dowden, aged 18, admitted into the Meath Hospital on the 8th

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the disk is less white than in the other, and the vessels are almost normal in

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the census statistics will prove of much value on the

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ity could be thoroughly cleansed the appendix was excised.

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the fowl's thigh, and drew blood. In twenty seconds the bird was

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upon Hospitals, Cam|)s, and Barracks. It would seem to us a more natural

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extraction of the needle at a very low current intensity.

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He also says the employment of plasters is a comparatively recent,

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-acids, such as sulphuric and carbonic, in the body. These

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Herr Loewexthal has been at work at the Cornil laboratory

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the first week, but ultimately died of erysipelas, Ac.

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and preserve some of the areolar tissue on the true coats of the pouch when

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unites with its fellow of the opposite side to form a

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Undoubtedly the better mode of treating the discharges

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phosphorus. Arsenic and chloride of aluminium are certainly those which

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subject forward in any one shape he could not fail to elicit much interesting

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The predisposing agencies are better understood. Age is one of these,

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of the internal oblique, and slightly from the transver-

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ance, the following schedule being adopted : office

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groups — fluids from patients with prolonged and severe convulsions ;

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21. Pseudohypertrophy of the Muscles and Atrophy of the

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the waist, and grasp each other's hands, then raise the

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corresponding with their eminent civil position and scientific

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subject to the call of the Chairman or on petition of three Councilors.

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state of health and condition arising from the neglect or inca-

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the resulting ulcer had quite closed, and patient could

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what was good for rheumatism, replied " six weeks."

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n C. aged 18, dressmaker, was admitted June 20, 1866. Three

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Sir : With regard to the " demoralizing influence " of

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There were no lesions in the lungs, except at the edge

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who developed enteric fever at the same time as or very shortly after they

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insufficient anamnesis, so that a case is regarded by the clinician as acute,

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received with universal praise. Reviewers of books should be quite impartial,

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subsequent to the memorable triumph of Gluck.* Since that pe^

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roid and Thymus Glands; Adrenalin and in exceptional cases because of the black-