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have revealed the more serious aspect of the case. It is well

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Clin Pharmacol Ther 19 576-583, May 1976 4. Kales A

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recurred every third week, and lasted for six or seven days, whilst in the

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the follicles, or the lymphatic or bloodvessels, perhaps also by rupture of

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cious; or a course of cacodylate of soda in five-grain

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served in France. He was wounded in 1916, and died in action

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indix and ring fingers of her right hand. This patch had

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Study otherwise than by attendance on Lectures in recognised

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restore the patient's confidence and normal efficiency.

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and a heavy pigmentation. These changes are identical with those

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normal chest roentgenograms, and, by this process, five ad-

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were lined by a smooth serous-looking membrane, of Avhich the

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duced pleurisy (Leblanc and Trousseau). The objection to gen-

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milky patches of the omentum were as numerous, as cellular, and as

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inches to the left of the median line. Pressure at this point gives pain,

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do still occasionally become our patients, everything connected with the

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p. 7) in his elaborate statistics, publishoil in 1874, — ^about 86 per cent.

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clinical picture rather one of a malignant tumor of the

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as the ornament of his profession; and, in 1742, another grateful

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the fluid is absorbed from different parts of the pleura, but this order is

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sciences. We are told that when oxygen is submitted to a current of

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personal affairs. Condition of sale, [prefe?-red) a percentage of collections for a

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this condition the term diabetes alternans has been applied.

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differs in these particulars for different substances.

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there are certain varieties of useless cough, i.e., cough depending on

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Chronic Catarrhal Cholangeitis.— By S. S. Cornell.

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strated by use of ethyl butyrate. Experiments of Hewlett^ show that

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objective criterion of procedure. There may be criminal

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tions to account for the unusual or abnormal. But since proteolysis,

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to the Medical Inspector of this district (a gentleman I have

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normally from three to four stools daily ; for three or four days the faeces

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pearances before the proper diagnosis was made of diffuse