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Mrs. Parrish spoke briefly to the group, followed by
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series unless it be that viable cells and fibers ex-
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all ; and expeditions which in youth we longed for are put away
Wayne-Pike .. Paul C. Lannon, Honesdale Nellie C. Heisley, Honesdale
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rector of Sudan Interior Mission, and a classmate of
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she took or could get less stimulus, but a very little over-
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tion of abnormal gaits. One forgets he is reading a
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5000, gold sodium thiosulfate or any gold drug should
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fession a new sulfonamide which represented at that moment
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of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from the physician treads on quicksand. Most success-
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occurs in the lining, dust invades the channels. Silicon,
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is promise of a one day cure.’ He asserts without, of
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ing. It is a matter in which every sentry scout, every
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only preparation of the area was washing with ordinary
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an Associate Fellow of the College of Physicians, to
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Fig. 3. (A) Anteroposterior view of a pelvis showing marked asymmetry. Fetal head was disproportionately large, but shadow
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all the members of the staff consider this a release
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of the most difficult traits in human nature to handle. If i was a
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prompt and rapidly acting remedy against acute rheumatism," and
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tions. An average of 50 per cent, of the members of this quiz class
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serves to emphasize once again the relative frailty of
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report in The Journal of the American Medical Asso-
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Fig. 2, Case 2. Photomicrograph showing hyalinized .con-
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town, author of the book, Elisabeth Fry, who discussed
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be less exposed to complications, so apparent, that the
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( and in subsequent secretion as thin limpid bile ) is
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fourth or full skin thickness are cut and put close to-
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of a physician's life in such a natural and perfect way. 'Tis a very
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projecting from the cervix to secure drainage. Done aseptically,
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services, the ethical practice of medicine is on the way
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and Heart Disease starting the first of every month,
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in this country now amounts to over $800, including
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earlier treatment of those found to have venereal dis-
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indicate low mortality rates definitely related to these
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the case as one of cancer of the stomach. As he drew near to
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lifters” who like to uplift with O. P. M. — in this
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of the Fayette County Medical Society ; a member of
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rect the physical defects, such as removing diseased
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8021 Seminole Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. 31 Dutton Street, Ridley Park, Pa.
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