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tion, the great likelihood of serious disease in the aorta or
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Calorifacients. — Substances supposed to generate heat in the
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the case to the society ; the latter conducts the prose-
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constituting ' ' proud flesh ' ' may be large or small like the cancer
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fully investigated the question of chlorid retention in a series of selected
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roduced closely allied to scurvy. In addition to the symptoms
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relieved by change of air and scene, or even by exhilerating or active occu-
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Paris of Sept. 29, states his belief that he has dis-
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trolled by decrease in ISOPTIN dose). Elevations of transaminases with and
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In other cases rupture takes place directly into the peritoneal cavity, and
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who begin by dilating the cervical and uterine canal,
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us "Hahnemann, the Discoverer of Homoeopathy," as No. 7 of
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undergone considerable excitement and exertion during the pre-
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New York, held at the Educational Alliance on Janu-
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Analysis of Deaths from Measles and Wliooping-cough in relation to Period of
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plan for the health of the nation. The suggestions which are
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British Medical Association, and was condemned, probably owing to
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labour under contagious diseases are really the active agents in
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organisms and toxines. It is therefore interesting to note the action of
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From these he separated all cases of relapsing fever, and then
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"Several instances are recorded in which large grapeshot, on strik-
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It is valuable to emphasise again the significance of intra-
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Dr. Langstaff has, for some time past, adopted the antiseptic plan
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The physiological hyperaema thus produced is for purposes