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to substantiate previously accepted theories has been difficult.
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fatty degeneration and cloudy swelling in the kidneys. The blood at death
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typical, and the characteristic, tender, cutaneous nodules were seen
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pressure contains 543 men (62.4 j)cr cent.) and 327 women (37.6
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tory nature of this affection, and of course equally decided
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with Ilildebrandt, points out the technical difficulties of urobilinogen
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Cause of Death. The cause of death can be fairly definitely
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frequent in East African relapsing fever, both among Europeans and natives.
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caused in the liver of rabbits by ligaturing to it, by means of a silk suture,
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V. Koziczkowski. Clinical Worth of Ehrlich's Reagent, Berlin, klin. Woch., 1902,
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This has been the state of opinion until very recently, when the discovery
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domain of bacterial variability, a view also shared by Bail (1921).
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point, such as might occur with rapid injection with a syringe, is
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A detailed account of ten cases is given, four of which were treated by
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Azzi, A. Kicerche sul bilancio energetico della rana in condizioni patologiche.
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Rocher. Urobilin in Retention Icterus, Th^se de Paris, 1911, xxxix, 406.
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marked loss of flesh, three dying in less than one and one-half
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and the cost of colloidal silver iodide made it impracticable, and 10 per cent,
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subject to obstinate hiccough. There were also milder cases still, with the
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ing, nor does the provocation of vomiting relieve it. There is no fever.
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ultimately forming thrombin, the other the direct union of tissue coagulin
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pathological conditions, especially infections, figure in the history, such as
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operation of cathartics ; for he had been repeatedly bled and
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hemoglobin, 63 per cent.; leukocytes, 275,000, of which 24 per cent, were
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Emmett on standardized methods for the study of vitamins ; R. R. Williams
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infection. Syphilitic diseases of the aorta give rise to symptoms about 20
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measure in civil life, especially if some modification of the vaccine can
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fact was also borne in strongly upon the writer of this review during some
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distant metastasis to which, in the first instance, attention may be solely