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THE VICHY WATERS COMPANY, 27, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square,
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Hayward's Heath ; Dr. Byass, of Cuckfield, in the Chair. Dr. Wil-
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payment, £4(1 4s.; two payments, each /^25 4s.; three payments, each
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evacuation of the ambulances is amply proved. Those patients who
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and governed, never been honoured with the office of harbouring life —
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who refused to give her name, called at the hospital and paid to the
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that sciatic and other rheumatic pains of indisputably inflammatory
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which the sides were open all round. My visit to the hospital, in managing
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A result so satisfactory could not, I think, have been attained in so
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it was remarkable that on the day of the visit, of all the 686 patients
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the difference of the two chief meridians ; and, secondly, to find the ap-
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and efflorescence were not detected even by his parents ; he continued
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living particles derived from these or other sources would, in this primi-
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his hat was blown off. When he arrived home, he found his face stiff",
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enoimous. Professor Billroth contradicts positively any reports as to
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WESTHAMPNETT UNION, Susse.-j— Medical Officer and Public Vaccinator for
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the action of private members. He was quite sure that he for one
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sufficiently we insert the caoutchouc points of Windier, which are very
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although in the first instance it might only be the generalisation of ex-
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Sanitary inspection is a work which eminently demands a large amount
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tion in Ophthalmic Surgery will be given. Surgical Operations are per-
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held in every campaign as of first-rate importance. For instance. Sir
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this neutral territory. No objection has been made, nor is likely to
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meta-analysis efficacy adapalene tretinoin
versity of Oxford had informed them, had been in constant communi-
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Such a combination would make up an important branch, which would,
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tage Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, Isle of Wight.
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Lastly, there arise the questions : — What is the use of this sympa-
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College, 1.30 P.M. — Charing Cross, i p.m. — Lock (Clinical Demon-
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1,241 students in the eleven metropolitan hospitals. This year there
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le.ss frequently than had been previously said, but as one at times
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pated nuisance. We learn, from a letter which Dr. Brce has published
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relative ease of digestion help us, for herring is generally supposed to
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We are indebted to correspondents for the following periodicals, containing news
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ward his views. He thought that the conditions mentioned were path-
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upholders of either doctrine is, that the dcvelopnient of the lozucst liz-ing forms is
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habits and disposition of the undergraduate, and that it will be found to
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dock-labourer, had bronchitis over twenty years. Four years ago his