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impairs the action of the bladder, the patient having to

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ach loaded with cake, fruits, nuts and a great variety of

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Case I. — James D , a strong, healthy fellow, aged about IT

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ever, when it was not appreciable in the clavicular and infra-clavicular regions.

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Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, at 4 o'clock, from November

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Board must be convinced that each applicant is a man of intelligence, sobriety

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State Board of Health and the Medical Society be in any way disturbed.

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dysphagia — when the chest was uncovered, the first bone

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be of essential advants^e to make ourselves acquainted

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very simple way, which though necessarily inaccurate is yet satisfactory,

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and to infants postpartum to all subjects randomized to

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It is evident from the information collected on the influence of

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increasing aptitude to learn, and greater intelligence ; but this is accom-

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out, or even a small bounty paid by the state in suitable cases, there

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prevailed — reaching over into October— a thous.ind deaths oc-

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the conclusion that the healing of stubborn tuberculosis pulmon-

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these quantities well, neither sickness nor diarrhcKa

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then place a piece of blotting paper on it before it has thawed and con-

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longitudinal rent, and its whole anterior aspect distended to a mere

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sions. During the night the doses were given only every hour

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" 1st. That there are two species of sensitive fibres in the posterior fasciculi

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opening an abdominal cavity expecting to find something abnormal and

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can be accomplished, etherize the child once, and see

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and discharge profusely. Moreover, such extraordinary excrescences

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allowing the head to rise and fall with the respiration, listen to the breath-

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held at an angle of 30 degrees. It was then driven in the bone

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not severe chill is in itself a symptom which serves to distinguish the

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tion. N. York Polyclin., 1898, xi. 7. — Wiclierkirn'icz

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of seeing next, the important scientific works of Dr.

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